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Stereo Sound 1-Year Print Subscription / 海外:ステレオサウンド定期購読料

Price: JPY8,250


Item description

1-Year (4 issues) Print Subscription.
Usually released on 2nd of March, June, and September, and 10th December.

Shipping is not included with the price.
Shipped via EMS.
The shipping start number varies depending on the application date.
- If you make an application by 20th of February, May, August, and November, shipping starts from the next month's issue number.
- If you apply after the 21st of the previous month for the release date, shipping will start from the next issue.

Application from 21st February to 20th May -> Shipment starts from June issue.
Application from 21st May to 20th August -> Shipment starts from September issue.

Midterm cancellation are not allowed.
If you have unavoidable circumstances please contact the Sales Department.





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