STRAVINSKY: PETROUCHKA ANSERMET (BD-ROM) / ストラヴィンスキー:バレエ「ペトルーシュカ」(DSD11.2MHzデータ収録BD-ROM) [SSHRB-003]

STRAVINSKY: PETROUCHKA ANSERMET (BD-ROM) / ストラヴィンスキー:バレエ「ペトルーシュカ」(DSD11.2MHzデータ収録BD-ROM) [SSHRB-003]

Price: JPY12,000


Item description

●A note of caution for the BD-ROM

Note for playing back digital file.

*All of music pieces are stored in the form of DSD (dsf) files. Video content is not included.

*Before playing back, copy the music data to PC, USB hard disc drive or NAS. Because a Blu-ray ROM is used as a playback medium, a Blu-ray disc drive is required to read and copy the music data.

*To enjoy its prime sound quality, a digital-to-analog converter or the like, which supports each music data's sampling rate and bit rate, is required.

*The discs cannot be read or played on conventional Blu-ray disc players.


著者名/演奏者名: エルネスト・アンセルメ指揮 スイス・ロマンド管弦楽団
型番: SSHRB-003





 本商品はロンドンのマスタリングスタジオ「Classic Sound Ltd UK」において、英国保管のオリジナル・アナログ・マスターテープの音声を、ダイレクトに11.2MHzのDSD信号に変換したものです。デジタル化の作業を手掛けたのは、ジョナサン・ストークス氏とニール・ハッチンソン氏という、デッカにゆかりの深いベテラン2人。この名エンジニア達が、『限られた制作関係者のみが聴くことが可能だったマスターテープの音を、そのままオーディオファイルの元にお届けする』という商品コンセプトに基づいて、アナログ・マスターテープの音をフラットトランスファーしてDSD信号を制作しています。DSD化にあたっては、当然のことながら、超低域のカットはおろか、音を聴きやすくするためのイコライジングやマスターテープに起因するノイズカットおよびドロップアウト等の補正処理を一切行なっておりません。このBD-ROMに収められている11.2MHzのDSFファイルは、まさにオーディオファイルの多くが夢見る「オリジナル・マスターテープの音」そのものと言って過言ではないのです。しかもラインナップするタイトルは最高峰の名録音・名演奏だけ。


Hi-Resolution Master Sound

The best playback mediums ever known
enable us to obtain a blissful moment never experienced before

Listening to excellent pieces of music of great performances and high quality sound-recordings is a blissful moment for all audio enthusiasts.

There are a lot of original analog master tapes that contain the greatest performances and high quality sound-recordings of all time in history. However, they are often buried in archives or storerooms of record companies all over the world, holding eternal values without being shed light on their existence.

We have dug them out, and with state-of-the-art techniques, digitized their audio signals and directly transferred to BD-ROMs in the format of DSD256 (11.2MHz).

It is a great pleasure for us to introduce you such exceptional music discs from our Audio Masterpiece Collections as the Hi-Resolution Master Sound classic series BD-ROMs.

These BD-ROMs have been produced in accordance with our convictions that the conclusive music file which contains the ultimate high quality of sound is none other than the original master tape itself because, if it has been kept well-preserved, it must hold a great amount of unspoiled sound information, so we shall share the joy of listening to such pure and genuine sound-- the privilege which is only given to exclusively limited persons involved in the recording process.

The original analog master tapes we used as a production master for the BD-ROMs were the ones which had been stored in the UK.
The digital editing was done in the studio of Classic Sound Ltd, by Jonathan Stokes, who had been a sound engineer at the Decca Record before leaving the company in 1997 to found the Classic Sound, and by Neil Hutchinson, co-founder of the Classic Sound.

In the process of digital transfer, we consciously avoided applying treatments such as cutting of super low level frequency, equalizing, noise reduction and offsetting of dropouts (noises and dropouts which had been attributed to the master tape were kept intact). This means that the sound of the BD-ROMs, the DSF audio files with 11/2MHz, is just like listening directly to the actual original master tape itself-- the sound that lots of audiophiles are dreaming of.
And all titles listed in this series are the ones of the greatest performances and high quality sound-recordings of all time in history.

Please play them on your high-end audio components and enjoy the ultimate sound of our Hi-Resolution Master Sound classic series BD-ROMs.
These are the unparalleled music mediums which have been produced under the ideal circumstances with the currently most advanced techniques from the original master tapes, which are as close to being present in the recording studios as we will ever be able to come.


 アンセルメの「ペトルーシュカ」は、ホール・ステージの全体像を立体として再現することにこれ以上なく成功している。一連の音響の眼に見えるような立体感と胸に突き刺さるような美しさにおいて、デッカのアンセルメほどライブ・パフォーマンスに迫った録音はひとつも存在しない。(弊社発行 嶋護著「クラシック名録音・究極ガイド」より抜粋)


Igor Stravinsky

Pétrouchka (original version, 1911)

1. 第1場:謝肉祭の市場
Tableau I:The Shrovetide Fair

2. 第2場:ペトルーシュカの部屋
Tableau II:In Petrushka's Room

3. 第3場:ムーア人の部屋
Tableau III:In the Moor's Room

4. 第4場:謝肉祭の市場(夕方)
Tableau IV:The Shrovetide Fair (Evening)

L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

Conductor:Ernest Ansermet

録音:1957年10月 ジュネーヴ、ヴィクトリア・ホール

Recording: Victoria Hall, Geneva, October 1957
Recording producer: James Walker
Recording engineer: Roy Wallace