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    appendix (As of July 1, 2020) (PDF file)

    We continue to temporarily suspend acceptance of mail items destined to these countries and territories because their postal operators are still not accepting inbound postal items and/or our transportation performance remains significantly reduced due to reduction of flights from/to Japan.
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    Stereo Sound Hi-Res Reference Check Disc (BD-ROM+CD) [SSRR9/10(2枚組)]

    Stereo Sound Hi-Res Reference Check Disc (BD-ROM+CD) [SSRR9/10(2枚組)]

    Price: JPY13,704


    Item description

    ●A note of caution for the BD-ROM

    Note for playing back digital file.

    *All of music pieces are stored in the form of DSD (dsf) files.  Video content is not included.

    *Before playing back, copy the music data to PC, USB hard disc drive or NAS.  Because a Blu-ray ROM is used as a playback medium, a Blu-ray disc drive is required to read and copy the music data. 

    *To enjoy its prime sound quality, a digital-to-analog converter or the like, which supports each music data’s sampling rate and bit rate, is required.

    *The discs cannot be read or played on conventional Blu-ray disc players.

    Playback the Jazz Standards, and feel the difference!
    The “Hi-Res Reference Check Disc” consists of famous Jazz Tunes and others

    This BD-ROM is the first-of-its-kind high-resolution reference disc that has been produced, being in today’s full-fledged high-resolution era, to determine the potentiality of the sound itself. Under the same conditions, 12 tunes, including improvisations and famous jazz standards, have been separately recorded with respect to each sampling frequency and bit rate, ranging from CD format (44.1 kHz/16 bits) to high-resolution DSD format (11.2MHz/1bit).

    The disc contains 12 tunes (consisting of 47 tracks) which have been encoded at the sampling rate and bit depth ranging from the 44.1 kHz/16bits of CD format to the PCM384 kHz/32 bits (WAV file) and DSD 11.2MHz/1bit (DSF file) of high-resolution format, so that it enables listeners to distinguish the sound difference among each format through music. The disc is accompanied by one CD, so all of 12 tunes can be played on conventional CD players. It allows listeners to compare the sound quality of high-resolution format with those of CD.

    The purpose of producing this BD-ROM is solely to have listeners know that the sound quality differs according to the file format and resolution. Based on this purpose, the 2channel-simultaneous-sound-recordings of each format, while avoiding any sound editing, have been done directly and simultaneously on five sets of digital recorders. Even after recordings, no file conversion has been made.

    The recordings has been done by Hideo Takada, a sound producer of MIXER’S LAB which is renowned for its high quality works, under carefully prepared conditions: the recording studio was the Victor 302 Studio which is well known for its fine acoustic echo; the microphones were the NEUMANN U67, a masterpiece of its kind, and the SANKEN CO-100K, an omnidirectional super wide range condenser microphone with 20 Hz to 100 kHz frequency response. All tunes were played by the trio format led by a famous saxophone player, Yoshihisa Tomabechi, and a pianist Mami Ishizuka, a percussionist Satoshi Ishikawa, and were newly recorded for this BD-ROM.

    Enjoy its vivid and authentic high resolution sound, and make good use of it for setting up your ideal audio systems.





     レコーディングエンジニアは、音づくり集団ミキサーズ・ラボの高田英男サウンドプロデューサーが担当。スタジオ空間の響きがより良く録れることで好評のビクター302スタジオで行ないました。収録に使用したマイクロフォンは、ノイマンのU67を筆頭とする名機に加え、今回は20Hz〜100kHzまでの周波数特性を持つSANKENの「CO-100K」を採用しています。全曲が最新録音となる今回の演奏は、名サックス・プレイヤー苫米地義久率いる、ピアニスト 石塚まみ、パーカッショニスト 石川智によるトリオ編成。



    ■BD-ROM収録曲 《全12曲 / 47Tracks》

    Track01-20 Check Point

    (1)Down by the Salley Gardens (Traditional song of Ireland)
    Track01 PCM 44.1kHz/16ビット  Pro Tools + HDX [5:02]
    Track02 PCM 192kHz/24ビット  Pro Tools + HDX [5:02]
    Track03 PCM 384kHz/32ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [4:56]
    Track04 DSD 5.6MHz/1ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [4:57]
    Track05 DSD 11.2MHz/1ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [4:57]

    (2)Percussion Solo-A (Satoshi Ishikawa) Improvisation
    Track06 PCM 44.1kHz/16ビット  Pro Tools + HDX [1:43]
    Track07 PCM 192kHz/24ビット  Pro Tools + HDX [1:43]
    Track08 PCM 384kHz/32ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [1:30]
    Track09 DSD 5.6MHz/1ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [1:30]
    Track10 DSD 11.2MHz/1ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [1:30]

    (3)Danny Boy (Traditional song of Ireland)
    Track11 PCM 44.1kHz/16ビット  Pro Tools + HDX [3:36]
    Track12 PCM 192kHz/24ビット  Pro Tools + HDX [3:36]
    Track13 PCM 384kHz/32ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [3:29]
    Track14 DSD 5.6MHz/1ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [3:30]
    Track15 DSD 11.2MHz/1ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [3:29]

    (4)Greensleeves (Traditional song of England)
    Track16 PCM 44.1kHz/16ビット  Pro Tools + HDX [4:59]
    Track17 PCM 192kHz/24ビット  Pro Tools + HDX [4:59]
    Track18 PCM 384kHz/32ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [4:53]
    Track19 DSD 5.6MHz/1ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [4:53]
    Track20 DSD 11.2MHz/1ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [4:53]

    Track21-26 Check Point

    (5)Alice in Wonderland (Sammy Fain / Bob Hilliard)
    Track21 PCM 96kHz/24ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [3:35]
    Track22 PCM 192kHz/24ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [3:35]
    Track23 PCM 384kHz/24ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [3:35]

    (6)Percussion Solo-B (Satoshi Ishikawa) Improvisation
    Track24 PCM 96kHz/24ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [1:15]
    Track25 PCM 192kHz/24ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [1:15]
    Track26 PCM 384kHz/24ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [1:15]

    Track27-32 Check Point

    (7)Summertime (George Gershwin / DuBose Heyward)
    Track27 DSD 2.8MHz/1ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [4:34]
    Track28 DSD 5.6MHz/1ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [4:36]
    Track29 DSD 11.2MHz/1ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [4:36]

    (8)Percussion Solo-C (Satoshi Ishikawa) Improvisation
    Track30 DSD 2.8MHz/1ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [1:16]
    Track31 DSD 5.6MHz/1ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [1:16]
    Track32 DSD 11.2MHz/1ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [1:16]

    Track33-41 Check Point

    (9)Someone to Watch over Me (George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin)
    Track33 PCM 192kHz/16ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [2:19]
    Track34 PCM 192kHz/24ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [2:18]
    Track35 PCM 192kHz/32ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [2:18]

    (10)My Foolish Heart (Victor Young / Ned Washington)
    Track36 PCM 192kHz/16ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [3:58]
    Track37 PCM 192kHz/24ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [3:58]
    Track38 PCM 192kHz/32ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [3:58]

    (11)Percussion Solo-D (Satoshi Ishikawa) Improvisation
    Track39 PCM 192kHz/16ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [1:15]
    Track40 PCM 192kHz/24ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [1:15]
    Track41 PCM 192kHz/32ビット  Pyramix + Hapi [1:15]

    Track42-47 Check Point

    (12)All the Things You Are (Jerome Kern / Oscar Hammerstein II)
    Track42 PCM 48kHz/16ビット  Pro Tools + HDX [4:41]
    Track43 PCM 96kHz/24ビット  Pro Tools + HDX [4:51]
    Track44 PCM 192kHz/24ビット  Pro Tools + HDX [4:39]
    Track45 PCM 384kHz/32ビット  Pyramix + Horus [4:46]
    Track46 DSD 5.6MHz/1ビット  Pyramix + Horus [4:41]
    Track47 DSD 11.2MHz/1ビット  Pyramix + Horus [4:42]


    (1)Down by the Salley Gardens [5:03]
    (2)Percussion Solo-A [1:43]
    (3)Danny Boy [3:36]
    (4)Greensleeves [5:01]
    (5)Alice in Wonderland [3:38]
    (6)Percussion Solo-B [1:21]
    (7)Summertime [4:39]
    (8)Percussion Solo-C [1:22]
    (9)Someone to Watch Over Me [2:24]
    (10)My Foolish Heart [4:03]
    (11)Percussion Solo-D [1:19]
    (12)All the Things You Are [4:42]




    Released 20/6/2017
    Format 1BD-ROM + 1CD
    Genre Jazz