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DVORAK: SYMPHONY NO.9 "FROM THE NEW WORLD" KERTESZ (double "SACD single layer + CD" set) / ドヴォルザーク:交響曲第九番「新世界より」(SACD+CD・2枚組) [SSHRS-003/004]

DVORAK: SYMPHONY NO.9 "FROM THE NEW WORLD" KERTESZ (double "SACD single layer + CD" set) / ドヴォルザーク:交響曲第九番「新世界より」(SACD+CD・2枚組) [SSHRS-003/004]

Price: JPY5,000


Item description

DISC Form: Double (SACD (Single Layer) + CD) Set

Stereo Sound Exclusive Sales Item (Also at some selected audio-shops)

For this item, the same sound source has been used to record both the single layer SACD (DSD) and the CD (PCM). Each requires the specific player for each format to be used.


Audio Masterpiece Collections

Listening to excellent pieces of music of great performances and high quality sound-recordings is a blissful moment for all audio enthusiasts.

However, a lot of original analog master tapes, though they contain the greatest performances and high quality sound-recordings of all time in history and hold eternal values, are often buried in archives or storerooms of record companies all over the world without being shed light on their existence.

We have dug them out of archives, and with state-of-the-art techniques, transferred them to SACDs, the best conceivable playback mediums. 

It is a great pleasure for us to introduce you the best-sound playback mediums as our "Audio Masterpiece Collections".

These SACDs have been produced in accordance with our convictions that in a certain sense the conclusive music file with ultimate high quality of sound is none other than the original master tape itself because, without any doubt, if it has been kept well-preserved, it must contain a great amount of unspoiled sound information, thus we shall share the joy of listening to such pure and genuine sound of music-- the privilege which is given to exclusively limited persons involved in the recording process. In order to realize such an ideal playback mediums, we successfully digitized the analog master tape, and transferred it to the suitable mediums with no additional processing treatment such as equalizing or sound adjustment-- noises and sound dropouts, which had been attributed to the master tape, were kept intact.

We became at last able to provide audio enthusiasts with the ultimate sound quality that is as close to the original master tape as possible.


Dvorak Symphony No. 9 "From the New World"
Release date : October 1st, 2016

The intense spirit of Istvan Kertesz is overwhelming in this masterpiece

In 1961, a historically significant and most excellent performance by the Hungarian-born conductor Istvan Kertesz together with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra was recorded. This was the first time he recorded with this orchestra. His powerful spirit overwhelms listeners right from the beginning of the piece, with a forceful blow of timpani. The listener right away is treated to a feeling of being inside the music, right near the conductors’ stand. The master tape of this masterpiece had been stored in the DECCA Record’s archive. This item is to be sold as a double "SACD single layer + CD" set. This is an awe-inspiring disk, as it will really explore the limits of even the very best audio system.












Antonin Dvořák

交響曲 第9番 ホ短調 作品95《新世界より》
Symphony No.9 in E minor, Op.95 “From the New World"

1. 第1楽章:Aadagio - Allegro molto  [9:52]
2. 第2楽章:Largo  [11:51]
3. 第3楽章:Scherzo (Molto vivace)   [7:39]
4. 第4楽章:Allegro con fuoco  [11:09]

Wiener Philharmoniker

Conductor:István Kertész

録音:1961年3月22〜24日 ウィーン、ソフィエンザール

Recording: Sofiensaal, Vienna, 22-24 March 1961
Recording producer: Ray Minshull
Recording engineer: James Brown