Bach The Goldberg Variations Glenn Gould Glass CD Edition / グレン・グールド「ゴールドベルク変奏曲」ガラスCD [SGCD02 (TDCD91228)]

Bach The Goldberg Variations Glenn Gould Glass CD Edition / グレン・グールド「ゴールドベルク変奏曲」ガラスCD [SGCD02 (TDCD91228)]

Price: JPY130,000


Item description

The “J.S. Bach: Goldberg Variations” performed by Glenn Gould is an unparalleled historical performance and masterpiece recording from the dawn of the digital audio industry. This album of precious recordings is released in the form of a quartz glass CD. The production is limited only to 200 copies. Stereo Sound sells this product exclusively. This “Goldberg Variations” was taken on as a renewed challenge by Gould in the last years of his 50 years of his life, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest performances of the century. Music fans have worshipped this recording for many years, and audiophiles love it for the high quality recording. The very first album in particular is generally most sought after, as it was released at around the time the first CD was introduced. For this important release we were able to track down an excellent source after a great deal of research. This time we were able to find a master tape further one generation before the time of the master tape used for the very first album. This is the incredibly authentic source we use for our quartz glass CD, rendered using art-of-the-state technology. The ultimate “Goldberg Variations” has been produced using a master tape never before used for a digital disc. The sound is incredibly accurate; exactly the same as Glenn Gould’s piano in the first recorded playback. 

This disc complies with Red Book where standards for CD have been decided. However, some players might not reproduce the sound. The product return due to the player problem is not acceptable.

Stereo Sound「Glass CD Edition」第2弾


1981 Digital Recording

誰もが認める歴史的名演、そしてデジタルオーディオ黎明期における傑作レコーディングである、グレン・グールドの「J.S.バッハ:ゴールドベルク変奏曲」。この至宝の名盤が、石英ガラスCDで登場します。生産数はわずか200枚、ステレオサウンド社の独占販売です。 グールド、50年の生涯の末期に再挑戦した「ゴールドベルク変奏曲」は、世紀の名演と評され、その録音の良さから音楽ファンだけではなく、オーディオファイルにとっても大切に聴き続けられてきました。中でも、CDの登場と同時に発売された最初期盤は特に……。今回、徹底した調査を行なった結果、その最初期盤で使われたマスターテープよりも、さらにワン・ジェネレーションさかのぼることに成功し、現代最新のテクノロジーを用いて、そのままストレートに石英ガラスCDに封じ込めました。 これまで一度もデジタルディスク化されたことのないマスターテープを用いた、究極の「ゴールドベルク変奏曲」の誕生です。この音こそ、プレイバックでグレン・グールドが聴いたピアノの音ではないでしょうか。