[Japan Post] Resumption and temporary suspension of acceptance, delivery delays of mail items destined to various countries/territories (Updated on June 30)

Our acceptance of various international mail items has been temporarily suspended due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.
Meanwhile, we will resume acceptance of mail items as noted below from July 1.

  • EMS and parcel-post/letter-post items by surface destined to China
  • EMS and parcel-post/letter-post items by air destined to Italy and New Zealand
  • Parcel- post/letter-post items by surface destined to Indonesia
  • For details on the countries and territories to which acceptance of mail is still temporarily suspended as of July 1, please see the appendix below (PDF).

    appendix (As of July 1, 2020) (PDF file)

    We continue to temporarily suspend acceptance of mail items destined to these countries and territories because their postal operators are still not accepting inbound postal items and/or our transportation performance remains significantly reduced due to reduction of flights from/to Japan.
    Meanwhile, although dispatch of United States-bound items that have already been accepted will be completed soon, we continue to temporarily suspend acceptance of various mail items to the United States because we are unable to make any prospect for securing sufficient transportation capability for the time being.
    In addition, because of the global reduction of flights, considerable delivery delays are expected for accepted outbound mail items.
    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. It would be appreciated if you would kindly understand this situation in advance.

    BARBARA BOBINO 1967 (double "SACD single layer + CD" set) / バルバラ『ボビノ座のバルバラ・リサイタル '67』 [SSVS-013/014(2枚組)]

    BARBARA BOBINO 1967 (double "SACD single layer + CD" set) / バルバラ『ボビノ座のバルバラ・リサイタル '67』 [SSVS-013/014(2枚組)]

    Price: JPY5,000


    Item description

    DISC Form: Double (SACD (Single Layer) + CD) Set

    Stereo Sound Exclusive Sales Item (Also at some selected audio-shops)

    For this item, the same sound source has been used to record both the single layer SACD (DSD) and the CD (PCM). Each requires the specific player for each format to be used.


    The chansonnier Barbara (1930-1997) is considered to be an incomparable artist of French chanson alongside Edith Piaf, and is well-known as one of the favorites of Fuyuki Segawa, the deceased prominent audio critic in Japan.

    "Barbara Bobino 1967" is the first live album of Barbara, recorded at the Borbino in Paris in December 1966. The album, known as "Bobino za no Barbara" as its Japanese translation title, had been released in 1967 from the former PHILIPS Records and has since been used as a reference for auditioning of audio equipment, or for listening at various venues such as Audio Fairs; in the times of analog records by Fuyuki Segawa and Isao Yanagisawa, also a prominent audio critic; in the times of CD by another audio critic, Hiromi Wada. Because of these backdrops, though its original version can hardly be obtained nowadays, many audio enthusiasts in all generations have some sort of experience of listening to its seductive sound.

    The vocals and piano of Barbara, supported by Joss Baselli's accordion and Michel Gaudry's double bass subtly but exquisitely, would produce cozy intimate feelings of the Bobino theatre.

    We are pleased to announce the release of the "BARBARA BOBINO 1967" as a green-label-coat single layer SACD (with CD) from Stereo Sound's Audio Masterpiece Collections. This single layer SACD is, curiously, the first digital disc to be released in Japan.

    The master source used for the disc is the cutting master that had been used for the first edition of analog record and been kept under lock and key in the UNIVERSAL MUSIC FRANCE's storage after taken over from the PHILIPS records.

    We have produced the SACD by purposely reproducing the original analog record which inclueds 10 songs; although there is a CD with 16 songs released from the Mercury Records (affiliated company with the UNIVERSAL MUSIC FRANCE) in 2007, its whole impression is much different from the well-known original record due to the alteration in editing and songs' order.

    The mastering has been done by Poussin, who is the head of DES Studio Paris and said to be--- concerning the handling of DSD the UNIVERSAL MUSIC FRANCE puts it---one of the best engineers in France. He was selected by the UNIVERSAL MUSIC as the best qualified person who meets not only all our three requirements---being skilled at handling analog tape, being adept at DSD signal, being ingrained with French accent as his own tongue---but also the condition set by UNIVERSAL MUSIC that mastering has to be done within France since the original master tape is not allowed to be removed across the border. With listening to the finished sound, you would soon understand he was the right decision.

    After numerous discussions through several month, we decided the way of mastering to produce the best sound of SACD. However carefully and excellently the original master tape had been kept, there was, in some degree, a possibility of deterioration with time, thus, using the Manley Laboratories' equalizer, we have made a slight correction on the sound played on the STUDER A80MK2 tape recorder, and digitized it to PCM 192kHz/24bit resolution. This digitalized source was used as a master for both of SACD and CD, applying mastering process respectively. Play it on your audio components and feel the excellence of Poussin's skilled work firsthand: creating full of French-ness, while at the same time valuing the essence of the original master.

    Accompanied liner notes, written by Hiromi Wada with his unlimited love for "BARBARA BOBINO", is must-read. If you read it, you will soon realize why it became, and still is, one of his most favorite discs for audio equipment auditioning. The booklet also includes the lyrics in both French and Japanese. The translation is a reprinting of the one that was written by Fumio Nagata, the deceased music critic who in the postwar period had contributed in popularization of chanson in Japan, for the LP released in Japan in 1978 and was allowed to be used for the SACD given the exceptional permission by his bereaved family.

    Thanks to the understanding and effort of those who love the "Barbara Bobino 1967", we are now able to reintroduce "Barbara Bobino 1967" in the form of such a high-sound-quality-pursuit media package, single-layer SACD (+ CD), to audio enthusiasts who have long been charmed with this masterpiece.

     エディット・ピアフとともにフランスを代表するシャンソン歌手のバルバラ(1930-1997)。オーディオ界では、今は亡き瀬川冬樹氏が愛聴されていたことでも有名です。そのバルバラが1966年12月にパリのボビノ座で行なったリサイタルを収めたのが、本作『Barbara Bobino 1967』。日本では『ボビノ座のバルバラ』の邦題で広く知られている、1967年に旧フランス・フィリップスから発売されたこのアルバム、LP時代では瀬川冬樹氏と柳沢功力氏が、CD時代になってからは和田博巳氏がオーディオ機器の試聴やオーディオショウ等で積極的にデモンストレーションに使ってこられたため、オリジナルフォーマットでのディスクが入手困難な現在であっても、その音を耳にしているオーディオファイルは、世代を問わず大勢いらっしゃることと思われます。




     マスタリングを担当したのは、パリで「DES Studio Paris」を主宰するPoussin氏。DSDの扱いにかけてはフランス国内では指折りの実力者と、ユニバーサルミュージック・フランスが太鼓判を押すエンジニアです。ステレオサウンド社からの3つのリクエスト((1)アナログテープの扱いに長けている方、(2)DSD信号の扱いに長けている方、(3)フランス語特有のアクセントが身体に染みついている方)に加えて、国境を越えるマスターテープの持ち出しを認めないというユニバーサルミュージック側の条件をすべて満たすパーフェクトな人選であり、結果的にそれが間違いではなかったことは完成したディスクの音が証明しているでしょう。



    1. MADAME [3:37]
    2. PARCE QUE JE T’AIME [3:51]
    3. A MOURIR POUR MOURIR [3:52]
    4. AU COEUR DE LA NUIT [3:51]
    5. Y’AURA DU MONDE [3:20]
    6. UNE PETITE CANTATE [2:11]
    7. A CHAQUE FOIS [1:44]
    9. LE MAL DE VIVRE [4:00]
    10. LES RAPACES [4:41]




    Released 21 December 2019
    Format double "SACD single layer + CD" set