Anzenchitai BEST (LP) / 安全地帯ベスト [SSAR-040]

Anzenchitai BEST (LP) / 安全地帯ベスト [SSAR-040]

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■仕様:アナログレコード 33回転 180g 重量盤
■カッティング エンジニア:武沢 茂(日本コロムビア株式会社)

Transferred from ‘80s analog master tapes,
its vivid sound comes alive on this ultimate-quality analog record.

This BEST of ANZENCHITAI includes 10 songs that have been specially selected for listening on high-end audio components, being chosen from the original 14 greatest hits albums ANZENCHITAI has ever released.

The master sources used for this record, excepting one song, are the analog master tapes (1/4-inch 2 track recording, tape speeds of 38cm/sec), all of which had been well-preserved under the supervision by Universal Music Japan. Only one song, Melody, which was selected from ANZENCHITAI VIII used digital master as its production master.

The lacquer discs used as original masters for record pressing have been produced by Shigeru Buzawa, who is the greatest mastering engineer of NIPPON COLUMBIA and has abundant experience in sound productions of numerous Japanese distinguished singers.

The mastering works also have been done by Buzawa using the state-of-the- art equipment: the STUDER A80 tape recorder which had been meticulously tuned by an experienced maintenance engineer of NIPPON COLUMBIA, and the bespoke analog console in the studio.

The precious sound of analog master tapes has been awaken by the greatest engineer from 30-year slumber, and evolved into the “reborn” sound, with its fresh grooves being carved into lacquer discs.

We finished the record as a 180gram heavyweight LP, using specially compounded vinyl plastic and the first metal stampers produced from these lacquer discs.

Play it on your audio components and enjoy the authentic high-quality sound of the BEST of ANZENCHITAI.




 収録曲の音源は、ユニバーサル ミュージックが良好なコンディションで管理する1/4インチ幅38cm/secスピード2トラック録音のアナログ・マスターテープを使用。安全地帯 XIIIから選曲した「メロディー」1曲のみ、デジタル録音によるマスター音源を使用しています。



 名匠の手によって30年の眠りから醒めたマスターテープの音は、安全地帯の「今」の音として新たにグルーブがラッカー盤に深く刻み込まれました。 こうして仕上げられたラッカー盤から最初に起こした金属原盤をマスタースタンパーとして使用し、ステレオサウンド特別仕様のプレス材料で180グラムの重量盤を仕上げました。


The analog master tapes of ANZENCHITAI’s original albums which were brought into the cutting studio of NIPPON COLUMBIA in Minami-azabu, Tokyo.


Shigeru Buzawa, the chief engineer of NIPPON COLUMBIA, examining the grooves on the lacquer discs through a microscope.



[Side A]

1.To meTo me「安全地帯V」1986年作品
2.ワインレッドの心Wine Red no Kokoro安全地帯II」1984年作品
4.夏の終りのハーモニーNatsu no Owari no Harmony「安全地帯V」1986年作品
5.夢のつづきYume no Tuzuki「安全地帯IV」1985年作品

[Side B]

1.恋の予感 Koi no Yokan「安全地帯III」1984年作品 
3.悲しみにさよならKanashimi ni Sayonara「安全地帯IV」1985年作品
4.碧い瞳のエリスAoi Hitomi no Elis「安全地帯IV」1985年作品



Released 20th September, 2019
Format LP (1 disc)
Genre Japanese popular songs