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Stereo Sound ORIGINAL SELECTION Vol.2 Teresa Teng (double "SACD single layer + CD" set) 「テレサ・テン 《中国語歌唱》」 [SSMS-025/026]

Stereo Sound ORIGINAL SELECTION Vol.2 Teresa Teng (double "SACD single layer + CD" set) 「テレサ・テン 《中国語歌唱》」 [SSMS-025/026]

Price: JPY4,500

Item description



Stereo Sound Exclusive Sales Item (Also at some selected audio-shops)


The musics for the Stereo Sound ORIGINAL SELECTION have been selected from eternal great pieces of music and composed on our own accord, and their high quality sound-recordings directly transferred from the analog master tapes, being converted to DSD signal with a sampling rate of 2.8MHz.

Teresa Teng’s first Single-Layer SACD +CD debuts!

All songs are made by Flat Transfer from Chinese language Analog Master Tapes.

■Responding to the fervent requests from audio enthusiasts, the disc has been issued as the second SACD of Teresa Teng’s, but as the first single-layer SACD this time (the package includes a single-layer SACD and CD), and as one of the Stereo Sound ORIGINAL SELECTION series.

Since we had released the Teresa Teng’s hybrid SACD---the first disc of the Stereo Sound ORIGINAL SELECTION series---in March 2019, we have received a lot of requests for a single layer SACD not only from Stereo Sound’s readers in Japan but also from the readers of Stereo Sound Chinese language version.

In order to meet such fervent requests, we decided to issue a single-layer SACD which comprises the same selections and compositions with the analog record, “Teresa Teng (SSCH-002, all songs in Chinese language)”, that was released in January 2019. And thanks to the understanding and kind cooperation from the Teresa Teng Foundation and Universal Music Japan, we have become able to release Teresa Teng’s first single-layer SACD.

The disc includes 12 songs which have been specially selected and composed by the chief editor of Stereo Sound Chinese language version.
The master sources used for the disc are the analog master tapes, all of which were well-preserved under the supervision by Universal Music Japan.

Such precious sound sources were converted to DSD 2.8MHz, digital format of SACD, utilizing the state-of-the art equipment: playback was done on the STUDER A80 tape recorder which had been meticulously tuned at the COLUMBIA studio; analog to digital conversion was done by using MERGING Technologies’ Horus Converter being synchronized by Esoteric’s high-precision rubidium master clock generator; mastering was also done by Merging Technologies’ Pyramix digital audio workstation, controlled on the bespoke analog console made by NIPPON COLUMBIA.

All these mastering works have been done by Shigeru Buzawa, who is the chief engineer of NIPPON COLUMBIA and has abundant experience engaging in the sound productions of Japanese distinguished singers such as Hibari Misora and Naomi Chiaki.

If you have already been enjoying the Teresa Teng’s analog record (SSCH-002, gone out of stock due to its limited production directly pressed from the first metal master), you can compare the sound of this single layer SACD ---along with the included CD---with the analog record, all of which were produced from the same masters. Even for customers who have not had the opportunity to listen to the analog record, it would be a pleasurable moment to listen to this single layer SACD, or CD depending on your circumstances, and appreciate the texture of consonant vibrancy and the feelings of nuanced expression of Chinese language.

Comparing the difference of the sound of SACD and CD is one way of enjoying, choosing the media from the two formats as the situation demands is the other: CD is for the listening while you are driving, SACD is for when you are at home being relaxed and play it on your high-end audio equipment.

Please play it on your audio equipment and be absorbed by the voice of eternal Asian diva, Teresa Teng, singing in her mother tongue.

Leave yourself free to feel Teresa Teng close to you and experience a state of pure bliss.

テレサ・テン初のSingle Layer SACD + CD誕生。

 「永遠の名曲」をアナログ・マスターテープからダイレクトにDSD 2.8MHzにトランスファーしてSACDを作り上げる「ステレオサウンド・オリジナル・セレクション」シリーズ。

 シリーズ第2弾となる本作は、オーディオ愛好家諸兄の熱烈なリクエストに応えたテレサ・テン初のSingle Layer SACD + CDの2枚組です。


 そこで今回、2019年1月にステレオサウンド社から発売されたテレサ・テン≪全曲中国語歌唱盤≫(SSCH-002)のアナログレコードと同じ選曲・構成で聴くSACD作品の制作を企画。ユニバーサル ミュ ージックと財団法人鄧麗君文教基金會のご理解と多大なるご協力のもと、皆さまのお手元へお届けできることとなりました。

 このディスクに収録されている12曲は、中国語版ステレオサウンドの編集長による選曲・構成です。そのすべての音源は、ユニバーサル ミュージック管理の元、良好な状態で保存されているアナログ・マスターテープを使用しています。

 マスターテープからのDSD化は、本シリーズ第1弾同様、美空ひばり、ちあきなおみといった日本歌謡界の大御所である名歌手の音づくりを手掛けてきた、日本コロムビア株式会社の武沢茂チーフエンジニアの手によって行なわれています。アナログ・マスターテープは、入念な調整が施されたStuder A80再生専用機でプレイバックされ、そのアナログ信号はカスタムメイドのコロムビア製アナログコンソールを経由し、Merging Technologies社のPyramix WorkstationとともにHorus ConverterをEsoteric高精度ルビジウム搭載のマスタークロック・ジェネレーターG-01Xで同期させ、このSACD盤のマスターとなるDSD 2.8MHzにA/D変換を行なっています。






1. 一片落葉(津軽海峡冬景色)
2. 我和(北国の春)
3. 誰來愛我(港町ブルース)
4. 再見, 我的愛人(グッドバイ・マイ・ラブ)
5. 逍遥自在(くちなしの花)
6. 路邊野花不要採(道傍の花を摘まないで) ―Live録音―
7. 涙的小雨(長崎は今日も雨だった)
8. 愛人
9. 情人的關懷(空港)
10. 冬之戀情(雪化粧)
11. 永遠愛我(冬の駅)
12. 愛像一首歌(北極便) ―Live録音―



Released 24 May 2019
Format double "SACD single layer + CD" set
Genre Popular Song