Due to the acceptance of EMS is temporarily suspended, we are currently not accepting orders from several countries on our international webstore.
Please refer to the URL below for EMS shipping availability by country.

[JAPAN POST] Service availability by country

However, we have introduced a new system called "WorldShopping" in our domestic webstores.
By using "WorldShopping", items are shipped not only by EMS but also by DHL and FedEx.
You can also choose a payment method such as PayPal, Amazon Pay and so on.

Stereo Sound STORE [Japan Domestic]

For all important inquiries, questions and concerns please contact the WorldShopping Customer Support Team.

https://www.worldshopping.global/en/help/contactus (English)
https://www.worldshopping.global/ch/help/contactus (Simplified Chinese)
https://www.worldshopping.global/tw/help/contactus (Traditional Chinese)

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